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Watertown Chiropractic :: Upper Cervical Care

What is Involved in Specific Chiropractic Care?

Consultation and Examination

upper cervical careOur doctors have additional training in the assessment of upper cervical biomechanical misalignments of the spine. A routine interview and examination of the spine and nervous system is necessary to ascertain your current health status and medical history. This is important for establishing a health baseline if you are a new patient and to assess your progress if you are a patient under our care. We assess the full spinal balance and function a this first visit to determine your best course of care. If you are looking for upper cervical care in Boston, then give our office a call!

Computerized Infrared Thermography

This is a neurodiagnostic procedure performed by moving a sensitive temperature scanning device along the sides of the spine. Irritation to the nervous system along the spine can be detected in the temperature differential scans. This procedure is performed before an adjustment and afterwards to determine if an adjustment has made a correction to the nervous system. Our equipment is able to take full spine or cervical spine scans if needed.

Precision X-ray

upper cervical care 2If during your examination we discover nervous system irritation in your spine, an accurate determination of the spinal vertebrae’s position must be made. A high-precision laser-aligned x-ray instrument is used in our office for this purpose. The x-ray images are then analyzed by the practitioner to determine the three-dimensional displacement of the vertebrae. Be assured that radiological examinations are performed only when clinically necessary to ensure proper patient care.

Precision Adjusting

The uniqueness of the bony anatomy of the upper neck dictates the use of a unique adjustment to correct a misalignment. We use specially designed tables which help relax the spine when adjustments are performed to the spine. For those patients unable to get into the required position due to their condition, other tables are available.

Post-Adjustment Recuperation

upper cervical care3A supportive recuperation period is important for two reasons after your adjustments. The first is to give the nervous system time to respond so that an accurate post-adjustment thermographic scan can be obtained. The second is to allow the ligaments and muscles holding the vertebrae to begin to stretch and adapt to the change in the bones’ position. Following a patients adjustments, the patient is escorted to a recuperation suite and remains there for approximately 20 minutes before the post-adjustment scan is taken.

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