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Neck Pain Treatment at
Boston Specific Chiropractic

All Natural Solution for Neck Pain Sufferers in Watertown

Woman holding neck in painIt makes it hard to look over your shoulder while driving. It makes it hard to sleep. It makes it impossible to enjoy the activities you love. Neck pain is practically epidemic. Good news! Relief is just a phone call away.

The Common Cause of Neck Pain

Neck pain can make it difficult to turn your head. Not surprisingly, the cause is often due to a misalignment of the uppermost bones of your spinal column. This loss of curve, reduced mobility and range of motion is unlikely to be resolved with pain medications or muscle relaxers.

But you probably already know that.

Traditional approaches virtually ignore the structural and mechanical constraints that are often the underlying source of the neck pain symptoms.

Specific Chiropractic Adjustments Target the Problem

Unlike many chiropractic practices, we focus almost entirely on the upper cervical (neck) region of your spine. Our examination and analysis protocols are designed to detect the underlying cause of your neck pain symptoms. We’ll show you what we find, how that is creating your symptoms and affecting your overall health. Then, we’ll recommend a series of specific chiropractic adjustments. Our intent is to restore mechanical and neurological integrity to your spine. As we do, we expect your symptoms to resolve.

Neck Pain Relief that Delights Our Patients

If you’ve been to other chiropractors (our approach is different) or are finding the side effects of your medications to be increasingly troubling, take action today. And while we can’t guarantee results, our success rate with neck pain is well, extraordinary.

If you live or work in the Watertown, Newton, Waltham and Boston areas, discover Boston Specific Chiropractic care. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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